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Kenguru Pro equipment has the quality confirmed by the European TUV quality certificate and recommendations of the WSWCF (International Workout Federation) Athletes and Olympic coaches are involved in the production of Kenguru Pro sport parks. Therefore, our workout grounds are suitable for professional athletes and amateurs alike, allowing to train effectively and correctly. Thanks to the patented clamp-joints, they withstand a load 10 times greater than standard complexes.

Every year, world championships and the stages of the Street Workout World Cup are held on our calisthenics workout fields. In winter time, our outdoor training parks perfectly tolerate cold, moisture and are not afraid of corrosion. Metal surfaces thanks to a special treatment is not covered with ice and hands do not slip off. Besides we do not divide projects into large and small, more or less important: we work equally for everyone, either it is outdoor workout park in Spain, a huge complex in Paris or several horizontal bars in the backyard of any private house, cottage, fitness gym or even office.

What is outdoor / street workout?

Outdoor / street workout is a training complex with one’s own body weight which is performed outdoors using special outdoor / street workout equipment. The intensity and variety of available exercises allow creating and maintaining a strong body and great physical shape.

How to buy workout equipment park

he most important thing is correctly choose the equipment from the entire range which fit best for your tasks. If you have any doubts, our managers will help you to pick up the right items to complete your sport ground. The price depends on the configuration.

After approval of the project, we invoice and conclude a contract. Within 3 working days after cleared payment we ship the equipment and provide you with installation manuals. To discuss your future project, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or write us an email.

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