Mini complex GTO kids

The complex consists of four vertical columns of different heights, two crossbars 1200 mm in length, a climbing wall and a Swedish wall. Optionally, two 1200 mm crossbars can be re-designed to be 1758 mm in length. Height of the Swedish wall and climbing wall – 2073 mm, width – 1200 mm. The distance between each crossbar of the Swedish wall – 407 mm. The complex is secured together with aluminium clamps.

Installation instructions:

• Choose a suitable underground for the unit!
• Prepare the construction pit with a drilling machine or other devices.
• Before pouring the concrete all structures elements must be leveled and fixed.
• Complex elements must be fixed and bolted together with metal clamps.
• Ready-made C25 concrete should be used.
• Crossbars installation height can be changed according to customers wishes.
• Approximately 0,15m3 concrete is needed for each spot foundation.
• Under the structures we recommend to install absorbing rubber cover.

The size of the hole for the foundation is depending on the consistency of the ground. The dimensions mentioned above are applicable for normal conditions with firm ground. If the ground is extremely soft, a much bigger e installation instructions closely!!!

  • Vendor code: K-024_kids
  • Height: 2650 mm
  • Weight: 237,6 kg
  • Dimensions: 1416 mm x 1416 mm
  • Minimum required installation area: 5716 mm x 5666 mm

Technical data sheet (PDF)